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How to find and fix a leak in your pool
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A swimming pool leak expert using the latest equipment will be able to find pool leaks in the shell, liner, or plumbing efficiently. Take the next step to fixing your leaking pool by finding a pool leak expert here.
How does an expert find and fix pool leaks?

Can I fix the swimming pool leak myself?

The items listed below provide repair solutions for a variety of swimming pool leak problems.

These items are available on our store as part of a leak detection kit. You may find them individually through a pool supplies dealer or you can purchase our products online from our authorized retailer.

Flexible Sealer

Flexible sealer for swimming pool leaks

Nitrile Rubber based sealant provides a strong adhesive bond to most any material found around the swimming pool . . . even vinyl. Squeeze from the tube directly onto the material to be sealed, Flexible Sealer will skin over in seconds allowing it to be smoothed with a wet finger. Cures flexible in minutes to hours depending on application thickness.

  • Seal vinyl swimming pool leaks with or without a patch
  • Seal between pool liner and face plates or fittings
  • Use as thread sealant or seal small suction side plumbing leaks
  • Seal small cracks in gunite or plaster
  • Available in White or "vinyl blue"

A+B Epoxy Putty

A+B Epoxy putty for fixing pool leaks

Two-part hand-moldable epoxy putty cures in 4060 minutes to an attractive white. A quality formulation smoothes and feathers nicely underwater without excessive clouding. A+B is the perfect choice where appearance is important.

  • Fill and repair cracks in plaster, gunite, fiberglass or acrylic
  • Available in White, Tan, Grey, or Black

Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty

Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty

Leakmaster Putty's unique one stick format eliminates waste and misproportioning. Hardens in 20-40 minutes to a bright white even underwater.

  • Fill and repair cracks in plaster, gunite, fiberglass or acrylic

Butyl Tape

Butyl tape for leaky pools

Hand moldable rubber gap filler can be applied underwater without messy caulk guns or mixing. Retains a flexible, tacky, consistency making it well suited for a variety of permanent or temporary pool leak stopping applications.

  • Pack around light cable to seal leaking light conduit (removable)
  • Replace rubber gaskets with or without out removing fitting
  • Fill/seal cracks, gaps or voids

Boxer Vinyl Patch Kit

Boxer Vinyl Patch Kit for pool leaks

Formulated to precise standards for repairs above or below water. Contains 2 oz. tube of vinyl adhesive, 130 sq. in. of patching vinyl and a dauber applicator.

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